Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten

Our Ellie Mae is officially a Kindergartner. It seems like last year that I took Ayden for his first day of kindergarten, so it's really strange that Ellie is now at that point.
she wanted to take her puppy with her
 She has been so excited for school for a very long time. Last night, she carefully picked out her outfit (after trying on 4 or 5 different ones). Ellie's also been nervous. Last night, before pray she had tears in her eyes and we asked what was wrong. She said she was just a little nervous and didn't know if she would like kindergarten. So sweet. Today right before we left for school, she asked me if we could say a prayer to help her feel good. Once we were there, she was happy and excited again.
in front of her classroom

with her best friend Riley
 Ellie's best friend, Riley is also in her class. So that makes the transition a little easier.
 Tate was a little apprehensive about Ellie leaving him. He has spent so much time with her and she is his best friend. It's a good thing that his nap time is during her hours at school! He won't even notice she's gone.
waiting for her teacher
Ellie we are so excited for your first year of school. We know you will LOVE it.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Campout with Dad

Spencer decided he wanted to do a campout with the older 2 kids in the backyard. So they dragged out the tent and got to work.

Tate was so excited about the tent and did a great job helping. Ayden and Ellie got bored and ended up doing something else
Gotta love little helpers. After the tent was all set up, they wanted to start the campout right away, they didn't care it wasn't even close to bedtime!
our 3 campers!
Once it got dark, the kids got into PJs and we headed over to a neighbors house for s'mores. It was funny because the adults ended up doing the s'mores while the kids played. Who was it really for?! I love having neighbors and friends that we can do that with. Earlier in the day, Ellie was so excited about her campout that she told her friend Riley all about it. Riley begged her dad to do a campout with her, so he did!
Originally, Spencer was just going to let Ayden and Ellie sleep in the tent, but somehow Tate worked his way in there too. (notice that I have not mentioned me sleeping out with them. I preferred my comfy bed)
the 3 campers ready to go
They all had a good time. Tate snuggled in with the older 2 and fell asleep right away while they talked and told stories. Sometime during the night, Tate ended up in bed with Spencer because he was cold. The next morning they were up bright and early, of course. They can't wait to do it again. Thank, Spencer for being a good daddy who will do this with his kids. They love you so much.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School

Ayden started 3rd grade on Tuesday. 

I can't believe he's already old enough to be in 3rd grade. He's been very excited to start school again to see some of his old friends and to make new ones. He is in Mrs. Jackson's class and he told me that she is "the best teacher I've ever had. She's awesome." That was only after day 1 so we'll see how the rest of the year plays out. 
He woke up very early on the first day and was ready to get going. He had already taken a shower and was dressed for the day. He even did his hair, something I usually have to fight him to do. He wouldn't eat breakfast though, he was a little nervous I think! I walked him to his door (outside) and waited with him for until his teacher came. So cute that he wants to be grown up and independent in some things, but still needs his mom for others! We love you, Ayden and hope you have a good school year.
this was his goofy face

Oh Johnny Boy!

We had a friend visit from Alabama a few weeks ago. John was one of the young men from our ward in Bama and he and his mom became close friends with our family. My kids adore Stephanie and John. Once they heard we were moving back to Utah, there were many tears shed between us.
We were more than thrilled when Stephanie agreed to send him here for a visit. John has never stayed with anyone that was not family and even then it was only a night or two. So the fact that she let him fly across the country to stay with us for a week, was not lost on us.
We didn't tell the kids about John coming and surprised them at the airport when we picked him up.
They were so excited, it was adorable! On the way home, Tate kept saying "hi, John."
We were really excited to share our Utah home with him. John has never seen mountains so it was fun to show him the big wall of mountains we have here. He was overwhelmed, but thought they were amazing. True to Utah fashion, we hit major traffic on the way home....at 10:30pm! They had closed down 3 lanes on the freeway so he got to experience sitting in traffic for 45 minutes.
John was so great and watched the kids for us while we were at work. We kept saying thank you and he kept saying "no, thank you." He just wanted to spend time with them.
One afternoon Spencer took him to the Jordan River Temple so he could do baptisms. John said it was an amazing experience for him. We didn't have time to take him to do baptisms at all the temples close to us, but we were able to drive to them and let him get pictures. He couldn't believe having so many all in one area.
His favorite thing of his visit was going to Temple Square and seeing the Conference Center and Salt Lake Temple. He was completely enthralled with everything. We walked through each Visitor Center and he took pictures the whole way. He loved the Christus Statue.
I only have a few pictures of him because he used my camera with his memory card.
We took a quick family picture in front of the statue, but it turned out blurry. But you get the idea!
The kids loved the reflection pool and we were able to get a cute picture of all 3. Kids and water never fails.

We also wanted to show the mountains and took him for a drive on the Alpine Loop, which takes you through the Wasatch mountains. At the highest point, we were at 8060 feet above sea level. John kept saying "this is amazing." I thought he might get a little light headed or car sick being up at that elevation, but no. It was Ayden and I who got sick!
Sadly, our week with John went by way too fast. For his mom, however, it was a long week! We are so thankful Stephanie was willing to let him come. He is such a good young man and good example for our kids. He has a good attitude and is so willing to help others. The Sunday that he was here he jumped right into church with us. Our ward is huge and he was eager to meet the other youth and to bless the sacrament. It was a true testament to his mother. Stephanie, thank you for sharing your wonderful son with our family. We miss him already and can't wait to see y'all again! John, we love you so much and will always be grateful for the example you are, especially to Ayden.

Ayden's Baptism

Ayden was baptized on August 4th. He was so excited and it was a great day for us. We had lots of family and friends to share in the day. 
He looked so handsome in his suit and tie. 
And he looked so handsome in white too.
It was nice having our family with us to share Ayden's day. 
Notice that in each picture, Tate is standing apart from the rest of us! He was such a stinker and wouldn't stand by the family. We are so thankful to be close to family again so they could come support Ayden. After his baptism, we had family over for a lunch. It was very cramped and cozy in our little house! But we loved it. It was nice to visit with everyone and we are so thankful for all who made the drive whether it was from Kaysville, South Jordan, Orem, Cedar Hills, Price or Wyoming! 
We are so proud of Ayden and the choice he made. He has set a good example for his siblings. Ayden is such a good boy with a sweet spirit. We are so thankful that he is the oldest in our family and love him very much. 
Here is what Ayden had to say about the day: I was really excited and really wanted to get baptized because I could get the gift of the Holy Ghost. After I was baptized, I felt I made the right choice. I was happy my family came. I was glad John could come too

Sunday, August 5, 2012


My sisters Danielle and Katie (and her husband Adam) took all 3 kids camping a few weeks ago. They were some brave souls! They only stayed over 1 night, but they loved every minute of it.
Tate was so excited that he got to go with the older kids, too. He was left home while they visited my parents a week before. He made sure his seat got put in Aunt Dani's car so he wouldn't get left behind. 
One of the most important things to do while camping is to claim your spot, got to make sure you get a good one. And Tate made sure his was good.
But then he found an even better one
He LOVED this little chair and took it everywhere with him. If he moved around the campsite, he took it with him. When they went fishing, he took it with him. He made sure he had "his" chair at all times.
Katie's mother-in-law Brenda took the kids hunting for snail shells.
and off they go

 Some of the snails they found were still inside their shells and if the kids set their cups down, the snails would start climbing over the sides. They each brought home a little baggie full of their shells. Joy for me!
Fishing was the next adventure. My kids have never gone fishing and all three liked it. I'm not sure if Uncle Adam was ready to help 3 kids with the fishing rods, lines, and hooks but he was patient and helped them catch some fish!

All 3 turned out to be great fisher-persons and caught several fish!  Being my children they didn't want to touch them though.
the fish  blends in with Adam's jacket

I am so thankful I have wonderful family that is willing to take my kids on these adventures even when I can't come. I appreciate the time and patience it takes to include them and love you all for it. My kids had a blast and can't wait for us to go as a family.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


I can't believe it's August already! This whole summer has flown by. I got behind in my blogging so there will be quite a few posts one after the other.
The biggest thing we have to update is Spencer is here with us now.
He got home last Thursday after a bit of car trouble. He was supposed to start the 3 day drive on Wednesday but Tuesday afternoon his car broke down. We thought it would be a simpler fix with the clutch, but no such luck. The problem ended up being the clutch and transmission and they wanted more than the car was worth to fix it. Never mind! We decided to junk the car. So with a wonderful gift from his brother, Spencer was able to fly home Thursday afternoon (a day earlier than originally planned). The kids has no clue he was going to be home. All they knew was that daddy's car broke and he couldn't drive home.
So Thursday I drove to the airport while Danielle stayed and watched the kids. She put together a cute scavenger hunt for them once I got home with Spencer. All the clues led to the garage where Spencer was waiting. It was the cutest thing to see their reaction! Ellie screamed so loud I'm surprised we still have our hearing. Ayden and Ellie kept saying "this is the best thing ever!"
We are so glad to have Spencer back with us, our family is complete. He started his new job at Morgan Stanley on Monday and is really enjoying it. He's home by 4:35 every afternoon. So weird. It's been really fun getting to spend time together. We've been enjoying family dinners, walks, and watching the Olympics.
 The kids have been enjoying some fun trips with family and fun babysitters. I've been working and trying to get things ready for kids going back to school. It's weird to think that I'll have 2 in school this year. We also have Ayden's baptism this weekend. He is so excited and has been personally inviting those he would like there. Wonderful times in the Shaw home!

Shaw Family

During the 4th of July holiday, we got to spend some time with all the Shaw family. Spencer's brother Steve and his family came for a visit from Phoenix and we spent several days together.
The first night we all went to a baseball and watched fireworks afterward. Ayden was in heaven with his cousins!
Matthew, Ayden, and Nathan
Nana Shaw got to experience firsthand Tate's constant asking of "why". He can play the 'why' game forever. Finally, Nana asked him 'why' and he said "because", so that was the end of that. He didn't like the tables being turned! He did like being with his cousins though
This is my favorite with Jacob busting a gut!
sitting with the big boys
Then on the 4th of July, we got together at Spencer's parents' house for a bbq and water balloon fight. 
what's with this pose, Ellie?

Ellie and Jacob ready for water balloons
Nana got in on the action and the kids LOVED it!
Even Julie got in on some of the fight
once again, what's with this pose, Ellie?

the lone man

And it wouldn't be summer without some cold treat
We had a blast with the Shaw family. It was nice to see Steve and Julie's family. They hadn't even met Tate yet. Ellie and Jacob became best friends and played a lot together. Ayden loved playing wiffle ball baseball with the boys. It's just great that we live by family again so we can do these things.