Thursday, March 28, 2013

Long Time

So we are alive, I just haven't been good at updating my blog. Life as usual is busy. We are in the middle of a flooring project on our main level. We are tearing out all the flooring to put in laminate wood floors. I'm very excited for the finished project, but the stuff in the middle is getting old! We decided to do it ourselves, really is there another way? And it's hard work tearing out the under lament and pulling all staples out. We've been doing it as a family and it's been fun seeing the kids work hard and feel proud of themselves. We hope to have it done this weekend, fingers crossed.
The kids are all doing well. We've had beautiful weather the past few days so they are getting plenty of time outside. They start Spring Break next week, but are leaving a little early tonight to start it. Ayden and Ellie get to go camping with my sister Katie and her family. Originally, we were all going to go, but then we needed this weekend for the floors. So Katie is being awesome and letting my kids tag a long without us. We'll see how she survives!
Tate will get to go Nana and Grandpa Shaw's house on Friday and do an Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. I love that we have supportive family that will literally take my kids so we can do our crazy project. Thank you.
I'll post pictures of our finished floors and other updates of the kids as soon as this is all over.    

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Meghan's Visit

Our friend Meghan came to visit this past weekend. She was attending a BYU Gymnastics reunion, but was kind enough to make some time for us! We loved having her visit, Brian and Bo we missed you.
The kids had a lot of fun playing with Meghan.
Tate thought this was hilarious
 Meghan had a reunion with teammates from the BYU gymnastics team and a few of them went to the Creamery afterward. I asked if she had the BYU Mint brownies, and she gave me this incredulous look and goes "oh my gosh, I didn't!" So we decided to make some at home. Ellie got to help and she felt so special because Meghan helped her.

I got to have plenty of time to just catch up with Meghan. It's been a year and half since we last saw each other. So just visiting was fun.
Meghan, I miss you already! Thanks for coming to see us and hopefully we'll make it out to see you and your family soon!