Monday, November 11, 2013

Ready or Not!

We've been anxiously waiting for this baby to arrive, but it's being a typical Shaw child: stubborn. This baby has not wanted to come. The last few weeks have been pretty miserable. I've been dilated to 4cm for 2 weeks and having lots of "fun" contractions. but NOTHING happens! Each time I've gone to the doctor, he says "I'm so surprised you haven't had this baby yet. Everything seems ready."
Tell me about it! My hips hurt so badly that there is nothing to do but waddle and my feet and legs are so swollen that they are one continuous blob.
At my appointment on Friday, my blood pressure was a little high. This has been a theme for this pregnancy. It's been kind of up and down since 30 weeks. They had checked my blood pressure on Tuesday and then again on Friday and it's not extremely high, but staying up there. So the doctor decided it was time to schedule an induction. He gave me the weekend to see if the baby would come on it's own, but didn't want to go much more than that. And of course, here we are on Monday and still no baby. So we're headed to the hospital later today for an induction.
I'm so excited to be done, but still a little nervous for the labor part. Even though it's baby #4, each labor is so different and I'm worried that this one will be the worst! Not a positive attitude, I know. We got the kids of to school this morning and can't wait for them to come meet their newest sibling.
So ready or not.....we'll have a sweet little someone join our family today or tonight.