Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween Pumpkin

The kids carved a family pumpkin. And we actually got them to touch the pumpkin guts this year.....with gloves on!

And my favorite is the picture with all the kids! Taryn was freaked out by the pumpkin and got mad when the kids laughed!

Yep I'm Still Here

So......yeah. The last time I posted was in May! Our little family has been plenty busy with summer, back to school, and now Halloween!
These past months have gone by so fast and the kids have grown even faster.
Taryn is now 11 months and will be 1 year old in 2 weeks! What happened to my tiny baby? She's growing into such a fun, sweet baby. She's still always so happy and constantly makes us laugh. She loves to give kisses and show off what a "big girl" she is!

Tate has gotten so big and it's hard to believe he'll be in kindergarten next fall. He is such a good big brother to Taryn and does a good job of taking care of her. She loves to wrestle with him and he is always so gentle with her. Even though he isn't doing preschool this year, he is always practicing his letters and numbers. He loves to write the entire alphabet! And as usual, he's our crazy boy!

Ellie is loving 2nd grade and works very hard to be a good student. She loves to read and play the piano. This summer she started gymnastics and loves it. She works very hard to get the techniques and correct positions. And she turns 8 in just a few days. I can't believe she'll be baptized!
she's wearing my wedding dress before we took it apart to make it a baptism dress for her

Ayden is doing well in 5th grade. He stays busy doing piano, playing football, bugging his siblings, and working hard in school! He loves reading and stays up late (later than he should) finishing his books! We love watching him with Taryn, he is always so gentle and loving to her.

Spencer and I are staying busy with work, church callings and school. I just finished the primary program with my primary! That's big relief to have done. Spencer has been doing a lot of cabinet jobs working toward getting his installer's license. And to add to the chaos of our life, we just started a project selling mangers for Christmas! My family had the tradition of filling a manger with straw by doing acts of love and service for others, making a soft bed for Baby Jesus to lay on Christmas Eve. Spencer came up with a great design and we are in the process of filling orders! We're excited for this project and hope it will be something we can do each year.