Friday, November 9, 2012

Stupid Blogger

Not me the blogger, but Blogger the site/system/template whatever it is. Urgh! I was updating my blog tonight and went to make a change to my layout and somehow ended up changing my entire template. And now there is no way to get back to my original because blogger doesn't allow that type of template anymore. So after about 2 hours, of trying to figure out how to get back my original, and lots of frustration and maybe a-not-so-nice word here and there, my blog now looks different. So if you noticed, kudos to you!

Welcome to Candy Land

This year was Ellie's first time having a birthday party with friends. We chose a Candy Land theme. I came up with this idea a week before the party, why, why, do I these things to myself. Luckily, Spencer and Danielle were very helpful in getting it ready and it turned out great.
We turned our backyard in to a Candy Land board game. 
We spray painted the color squares that the kids would move to. And then there were different stations of activities that they got to do once they landed on that square. 
Our Gingerbread Tree
 At the Gingerbread Tree the kids got to color a gingrebread paper bag for their treats and goodies. Then they moved to Grandma Nutt (who looked more like a mom with a perm from the 80s) for a beanbag toss.
Our attempt at Grandma Nutt
 After Grandma Nut, the kids got to move around the board and they got stuck at Lord Licorice's spot where they had to do something silly to get away. Then they moved to Gum Drop Mountain where they had a peppermint on a spoon race.
Courtesy of Spencer
 And after Gum Drop Mountain, they got to frost a cookie at Princess Frostine.
It turned out to be a lot of fun and Ellie had a blast with her friends. 
getting ready for peppermint race
waiting for her turn to move

friends coloring their bags

After each child made it through the game, we went inside for cupcakes.
supposed to be a Candy Land cake
Ellie and Dillon

Bella, Taylor, and Emma

Rylie and Ruby

Katie and Brianna

Kaylie and Ayden
Ellie's first party went very well, but we were all very tired afterward! I think it will be awhile before I attempt a big party like that again. Well, probably next summer for Ayden's party, I can't help myself!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Another year wiser and older too!

Happy Birthday Ellie Mae! Ellie's 6th birthday was November 2nd (I'm late posting this due to the chaos of the week). 
Ellie was very excited to share birthday treats in her kindergarten class; she chose donuts. She came home wearing a special birthday crown from her teacher. She wore all night and even on Saturday.

  And her daddy surprised her by picking her up after school with a bouquet of flowers. So sweet. I love that he does this for her. 
She was so excited for her special day. For her birthday present we got her a new bed. The poor thing has been sleeping in a toddler bed for far too long. Spencer's sister was getting rid of a twin bed and offered it to us, which was wonderful! And I took Ellie to IKEA to pick out a new duvet cover for a comforter we already had, she thought she was helping me pick it out for a cousin and said "I wish I could get one too."  She was so ecstatic when she saw her new bed set up with the comforter she picked out!And her big brother also got a birthday gift. He chose to get her some "girl" Legos. Which she has not stopped playing with. All in all, a good birthday!
Ellie is such a wonderful part of our family. She is sweet and kind, but also has a sassy side. She is our artist: loves to draw, color, paint. Ellie loves anything crafty. She will spend hours doing crafts and creating new things. The artwork she brings home from class is always very detailed. And she loves to display all her artwork. She hangs up every piece, and I mean every piece, on her walls. She loves jewelry and takes good care of the ones she has. Ellie loves to laugh and giggle and her smile is so beautiful. She is such a good helper for her little brother. And she's quite the social butterfly. She asks lots of questions and is working hard to read. Ellie Mae, we love you so much and hope you have a fantastic time being 6!

Happy Halloween!

This year for Halloween Ayden wanted to be a mummy. I honesty had a hard time with this one, not because I think mummies are bad, but it came out of nowhere. Usually, when Ayden picks a costume its something he's really into (BYU football player 2006 and 2011) or really wanted to be (Santa Clause in 2009). So when I asked him why he wanted to be a mummy, he said "because I can't think of anything else." So I kept putting off the costume until a few days before. Surprisingly (after a lot of hot glue) it turned out really cute, or scary or whatever. 
 Ayden didn't like the makeup part because it was itchy, but he looked great.
 Spencer, on the other hand, had fun drawing goofy things on his face.
Ellie decided to be a cheerleader this year, and luckily, for me there wasn't a lot of costume preparation. She already had the costume from Nana James and after a quick trip to the dollar store for pompoms, she was set. And Taters was a monkey. When we tried to think of costumes for him, Spencer really wanted a monkey because that's a nickname he has for Tate. And once again, luckily for me, my co-worker gave me a box of clothes for Tate that happened to have a monkey costume in it. Done!

help from big brother

We loved being back in our neighborhood for trick or treating. It was such a fun night with tons of people out. The streets pretty much shut down to drivers due to the mass of kids and parents walking around. Ayden loved being able to go trick or treating with his friends and it was cute to watch them interact together. After about 30 minutes, Tate was done. I asked him if he wanted to get more candy and he goes "no, I just want to go home." The kids had a blast and have enjoyed eating their candy. My kids can thank Papa James for my #1 rule about halloween candy: if I find any wrappers or trash on the floor, your candy is mine. They've obeyed that one very well!

Carving Pumpkins

Carving Halloween pumpkins is not usually the most joyous of times in the Shaw house. No one but me is willing to "gut" the pumpkins and touch the seeds and stringy mess. Ayden and Ellie like the idea of carving pumpkins, but don't actually like carving pumpkins. This year, we were mean parents and laid down the law, and told them that if they wanted carved pumpkins, they had to do it themselves.Oh, the torture. Ellie opted out of this family event. 
love the grumpy face

 Ayden really didn't like touching the guts. Can ya tell? But he did it, with minimal amount of whining. I think he was proud of himself that he actually did it. Once the pumpkins were ready, they decided on their design. Ayden wanted to use different shapes for the face and Spencer went with a "starry night" theme, as he called it. 
love Ayden's face in this one

busy at work
The boys had a lot of fun getting their pumpkins ready and I had fun because I didn't have to be the one doing it all this year! Maybe next year Ellie will want to join.
finished products

In Love and War

Spencer and I tend to get in water and food fights when we cook in the kitchen together. Water fights where it looks like a bathtub was dumped on the floor, cookie dough fights, cereal, are just a few. A few Sundays ago, one such fight occurred and the weapon of choice was flour.
I was minding my own business rolling out delicious homemade rolls, when out of nowhere I'm attacked with flour.
 Of course, I retaliated and threw flour back.
We actually didn't end up with much flour on us; most of it was on the floor and counters. The kids thought it was funny, too.
I love this guy very much and appreciate the fun and laughter we share.