Sunday, July 22, 2012


Definition of solitude: The state or situation of being alone. 
Well, that's the state I'm in right now. My 3 kids left with my sister Katie to go camping with her family around Price, UT. She picked them up Saturday evening and won't be returning them until Wednesday afternoon. So I have several days of being alone.....kinda weird. I honestly cannot remember the last time that I have been alone. At some point in the last 9 years, I have been away from either my spouse or 1 or more of my children. But never all of them at the same time. It's a different feeling. 
I walked to church this morning and while half way there I realized not only did I bring my scriptures but I also brought the bag I use for the kids with diaper/wipes, Friend magazine, and tissues, etc. Just habit! It was nice to sit in Sacrament meeting and not have to referee 3 children, but I missed them at the same time. I almost don't know what to do with myself while everyone is gone. Don't get me wrong! I am not wallowing in self-pity being alone. I am happy for some extra time to myself, but it also makes me appreciate how central my family is to my life. 
I am thankful for family who have done an amazing job supporting me while I've been a single mom. Spencer's parents have taken the kids for a sleep over, my sister Danielle took them to Wyoming for a week to visit my parents, and my sister Katie is willing to take them camping while I stay and work. We have such an amazing support system and I thank the Lord every day for it. 
So here's to a few days of solitude!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Playing in the Rain

The older 2 children are in Wyoming visiting my parents so it's just Tate and I at home. It's been very quiet and sort of weird. Going from 3 kids to 1 gives you a lot more time! Tonight Tate and I had plenty of time and we ended up playing in the rain. We actually had a good little rain here and Tate couldn't wait to go get wet.
He loves getting wet whether it comes from the sprinkler or the sky.

I love how the simplest things make children happy. He seriously would have played in the rain all night. Sadly, it didn't last that long. But we still sat out on the steps enjoying the cooler air

This boy hates to wear shirts! Any chance he can get to be naked he'll take it. And of course since his shirt was wet (barely) he had to take it off.
I loved the rain we had here, but it did make me miss the rain in Alabama. Our rain here would have been a light sprinkling there!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

One year older....

.....and wiser too, Happy Birthday to Ayden!
Ok, so his birthday was on Monday and with everything going on with him, I'm just now getting this done. 
Ayden turned 8 on July 9th. So crazy, how fast he's growing up. He has eagerly waited for his 8th birthday because he knows that means he can be baptized. He's been reading his scriptures on his own to help him have a stronger testimony before his baptism (his words). Seriously, how amazing is that. 
Ayden here are 8 things we love about you:
you are such a smart boy and learn so quickly
you love your siblings and do a good job taking care of them
your mind is constantly going, evidence of that is your "what if...." questions you are always asking
you are ever faithful to your BYU cougars
your tender heart
you try to make good choices and set a good example for your brother and sister
you still like to cuddle with mommy and daddy
you are our Bubba

Here is a picture of Ayden from his 7th birthday
And here he is on his 8th birthday:
For his birthday he got a new bike. He, sadly, outgrew his old bike a long while ago, but he's been using it. I don't have the pictures of the bike(my camera is currently in Wyoming), but he was so excited to get it. He was completely surprised and had the sweetest, most excited reaction to receiving it. 
enjoying his bday dinner with his brother
Ayden we love you!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy News!!

We received fantastic news today. Spencer got a job here in Utah and will be returning home in the next 2 weeks! We are so happy and thrilled. He interviewed with the company on Tuesday and they called him this morning to offer him the position. This is an answer to many many prayers. I am so thankful for my Father in Heaven who answers them. We want to thank our friends, the Shaffers, for all their help. We truly appreciate it!  
We told the kids that daddy got a new job, but we are going to keep the moving date a secret. I love when we can surprise them, especially with something as wonderful as their daddy!

Friday, July 6, 2012

update on Ayden

Ayden got worse today breaking out in a rash and fever. I finally decided to take him back to the doctor and the doctor took one look at his super swollen face and said "it's a good thing you came back." The doctor thought he might have the mumps because of the swelling and the rash, but finally ruled that out. It's been determined that he has a strep infection and needed a stronger anti-biotic.
I feel so bad for Ayden. While we were waiting in the doctor's office, he was feverish and shivering and his entire body was broken out. He was miserable and all he could do was cry. I knew he needed a priesthood blessing and thankfully my father-in-law and brother-in-law were able to come give him one. I am so thankful for the support we have while Spencer is away from us.
Ayden has been complaining of pain in his jaw/neck and ear. And it's been a little swollen there too, so I took him to the doctor yesterday. He has an infection in the glands in his neck. Not much we can do right now other than put heat on it and give him an anti-biotic.
This is what he looked like Thursday morning:
only a little swollen on his right side
This is what he looks like today:
Poor guy! It's very painful. He can't move his neck and it hurts to chew or have any type of movement. And all he wanted this morning was his daddy. He's also very sad because he was supposed to be leaving to visit his grandparents in Wyoming, but with this infection that bad he can't go. Luckily, his little brother has been his pal and they play the Wii and hang out.