Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy "Balemtime's" Days

Or at least that's how the little one says it! The kids have had fun preparing their valentines for their friends and I had fun making some for their teachers. I got this idea from a recipe book and its super easy. I made Sweetie Pie Pops.
 You make little pies on a stick, so easy and so cute! Here's the finished project for their teachers. I thought they turned out really cute
And my little ones have had a great day with their school parties and looking through their valentines from friends. Ayden called me at work to tell me he got a special one from the girl liked! Here's our Valentine to you: Hope it's a wonderful day spent with those you love!
kisses all around!

Handsome boys

I gave all 3 boys a hair cut the other night. And after all the mess was cleaned up and they were showered, I said "now my boys look handsome". And then Ellie said the sweetest, "But they always do". Thank you for the reminder Ellie. Yes, our boys are very handsome!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Ayden and Tate were looking through the blog and watched some of the videos. This particular one they are watching is of Tate (at age 12 months) playing in the cabinets in the pots and pans. I love their reactions! So cute.

My Little Hero

This little boy is so much fun! I can't believe how fast he is growing. He is constantly doing or saying something to make us laugh. He loves to cuddle and be involved with his older siblings. We love having the Tate-Monks in our family. Spencer just got a Tablet for school and Tate loves it. It's sad, but he knows how to work it more than I do. This is him relaxing while playing a game of Angry Birds.
love the crossed leg