Tuesday, July 9, 2013

9 years old

9 years ago Ayden made his presence into the world. We had no clue how such a small little thing would change our lives! He has been such a wonderful part of our lives.
Today for his birthday, Spencer took the day off so they could spend the day together. They went to Seven Peaks and played on water slides all day. They had a blast, but you can tell they are both tired. Ayden also had swim lessons tonight so he had a full day of sun and water.
For his birthday treat, he chose ice cream sandwiches. He's not a cake fan and always chooses something else. Last year it was pumpkin pie.

 Tate was ever so helpful in blowing out the candles. Ellie made sure we fit all 9 candles on the ice cream sandwiches

Munchin' buddies
Ayden's favorite thing in life is sports. Whether it's soccer, football, baseball or basketball, he loves to watch, play and talk about sports. Must be a Shaw thing. So he was very excited for his birthday gifts.
Oh the anticipation!

His Aunt Dani got him a new bat, one that actually fits him. The poor kid has been using one he got 3 years ago. And we got him a pitch back. He's been enjoying them both all evening
testing it out

Ayden, our Bubba boy, we are so happy you are 9! (Makes me feel old. Turning 30 this year doesn't phase me, but having a child 9 years old does) We love watching you learn new skills and seeing new ideas pop into your head. We love your love of books and reading. Your enthusiasm for all sports is fun. Your obsession for BYU football, while not understood by your mother, is something you've had since you were old enough to watch a game. We are thankful you are our oldest. You set a good example for your younger siblings. They see how you choose to read the scriptures and work to gain a testimony. We love your gentleness and kindness. Your stubbornness and strong-will, though challenging at times, is something we have come to love too. Ayden we hope you have a wonderful time being 9 and hope you know your family loves you very much.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sun, slides, and family fun

A few months ago, we purchased a Pass of All Passes which is a pass that gets you into a bunch of different venues like mini golf, fun centers, movies, motor sports parks, water parks, etc. We have enjoyed using these passes as a family. On Saturday we used our passes and went to the water park called Seven Peaks. This is the first time our family has gone and we had a blast! Being a pass holder, you can get in to the park at 9:30 (regular hours don't start until noon). We left early and were some of the first people into the park. It was nice because it wasn't crowded and you didn't have to wait to ride the slides.
I thought the kids would be a little hesitant about the water slides, but they LOVED them. Spencer and I took turns taking the kids on the slides and eventually the older two went by themselves. Technically, I wasn't supposed to ride the slides being pregnant, but I did. SHHH!
Spencer and Tate
Ayden on his first run by himself

Me and Ellie on our first slide
There are also kiddie pools with slides and Ellie and Tate had fun playing in there while Spencer and Ayden went on some of the bigger, crazier slides. Tate was fearless and would go down the slides all by himself. He didn't mind be dunked under the water and kept asking to go again. But after about 2 hours, Tate was done and ready for some snacks.
So famished

stuff it all in
We had a blast and look forward to going again. All of us were tired from playing in the sun for several hours. But Tate was the first to fall asleep....2 blocks away from the park

4th of July

We were pretty low key for the 4th of July. We stayed home and didn't have a lot planned. Spencer worked on projects around the house and my sister helped me with some sewing projects. The kids just played around all day. It was nice to not have a million different things to go do.
That night we did some fireworks with neighbors. Spencer and I love fireworks, but sadly that is not something that is shared with the kids yet. They love the idea of them, but actually doing them and hearing them is another story. Ellie especially is nervous of the sound and freaks out every time. Now Tate thinks he's scared. They reluctantly watched them from our driveway, but plugged their ears the whole time.

our lame-o fireworks
We purchased some fireworks, but they turned out to be really lame! Luckily, one of our neighbors loves fireworks and goes all out. His were a lot of fun to watch. Tate eventually fell asleep and slept through the whole thing.

Monday, July 1, 2013

3 + 1 = 4 Shaw children

These 3 kids are crazy, fun, temperamental, caring, wild, grumpy, hilarious, and everything in between! They have taught us so many lessons as parents and each day I am thankful for them, but pray that I will do better the next day. I love each child for the personality and love they bring to our home. And with that thought, we are excited to welcome another baby into our family!
Our new addition will arrive mid November and the kids are sooooo excited, especially Ayden. They have been asking for a new baby for a long time and when we made the announcement to them in March, both Ayden and Ellie cried. Tate is excited, but still doesn't quite understand what it means. He knows there is a baby in mommy's tummy and because of that he thinks there is a baby in his tummy too.
I'm 20 weeks already, half way done! This pregnancy has been so different from any of the others. Usually, I do not get sick at all. But I have been sick from week 6. One of the reasons we told the kids so early was because I was so sick and couldn't hide it.  Now I'm feeling the baby a lot and the kids love hearing about it! They are always talking to the baby and keep coming up with new names they think we should use.  We'll see what this new adventure brings for our family!