Monday, March 3, 2014

When it rains, it pours

Friday was one of those days where it seemed the day would never end. Our morning started early with the rush of getting ready for work, school and daycare. I got to work and after about 40 minutes the school called saying that Ellie was sick. So I left work and got ready for a day of nursing. Ellie seemed ok at first, but went downhill pretty quickly. She had fever, chills, body aches. She looked miserable.
I had also made an appointment for Taryn because she's had a little problem with her neck and back. She can't hold her head up straight, it kind of kinks to one side. And instead of sitting up straight she curves to one side. The doctor checked her over and thought it might be torticollis, but ruled that out because that only affects the neck. He then looked at her spine and thinks we should take her to see a specialist because she might have slight scoliosis.
Later in the afternoon, Ayden had a friend over to play. They were in the back yard playing football. Ayden came inside crying saying he had fallen and hurt his arm. I thought he was being dramatic about a slight fall and tried to get him to calm down. He took a few breaths and then started crying again. I asked him if he could still play or if we needed to end the play date. I knew it must hurt because he said he couldn't play and just needed to rest. After about an hour of icing and resting, he was still in tears. We decided it was time to get his arm looked at. A trip to the doctor's office and a few xrays later and it was confirmed that Ayden broke his wrist. Seriously! This boy has broken so many bones it's not even funny. This time it's his dominant hand so that has been a little more challenging. Spencer had got Ayden a Gatorade and some pizza as an "I'm sorry you broke your arm, dude." And when they got home, Tate came to me with a sweet, sad little face and said with pouty lips "I wish I could break my arm." When I asked him why he said "because I want an atorgade too!"
 Amidst all the chaos of the day, I had also said I would take dinner to someone in our neighborhood! It was quite a busy day that we were more than happy to end. Hopefully the next couple days and weeks will be less eventful!
Photo: What's a Friday night without a trip to the instacare? Waiting on an xray for his wrist.
At the doctor's office waiting for xrays