Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Tate Man!

3 years ago today, Tate decided to finally grace us with his presence. This little man was 4 days overdue, not that that's a lot compared to some overdue babies, but it was plenty for me! We are so thankful this boy is in our family, he is such a fun blessing.
Tate is our funny, outgoing, inquisitive boy. He is always doing something or on the go. When he does take a few moments to sit, he likes to watch his favorite movies 'Despicable Me' and 'Wreck it Ralph'. I love watching Tate play because he has the sweetest imagination. He will play bad guys out on the trampoline kicking them down. When he's playing in the bath, he always has some elaborate game he's playing with his cars. He goes to daycare with girls so he's got a soft side too, playing house and dress up.
Tate is also very independent. It seems with each child, they get more independent faster! He likes to do his stuff without any help. For the most part, I'm completely OK with that, with a few exceptions. Like brushing teeth. He hates to have me help, but I hate to let him do it himself! He's also graduated from diapers which makes us so happy. But he's not liking underwear. Every morning he asks if he can stay in his "unders". Sorry, buddy. When we asked him how old he was turning for his birthday he kept saying 1 because that would mean he could still wear diapers. Smart kid.
We are so thankful for this boy in our family. He knows how to give some of the best cuddles and kisses. Half way through the night, we'll wake up to him snuggled in bed with us. And when he wakes up he has the cutest "good morning" grin! He loves going to Nursery and singing the songs. During Sacrament meeting, he's always asking if it's nursery time yet. He's a social guy and has many friends in his nursery and our neighborhood. We know this little guy is a special gift from our Father in Heaven.
Tate, we hope you had a wonderful birthday and know how loved you are. Have fun being 3!!
*Sorry, I couldn't get any of his pictures to load to the blog*