Monday, May 26, 2014

Photos from the past months

I love my children because they are beautiful, silly, funny, maddening, loving, frustrating, wonderful and mine ! I am dedicating this post to my 4 beautiful children: because of you I am blessed to be a mother. Many times I fall short and cry myself to sleep and pray that the next day will be better. But I hope you know that I am doing my best and how much you are deeply, truly loved.
At attention!

watching general conference

always my happy baby

5 months big

created her own "Frozen" outfit and taped snowflakes on her dress

"this is serious, mom"

she wasn't too sure of the chick she got for Easter

Happy Easter 2014

decorating Easter cookies with way more sprinkles than one could possibly need!

snuggles with big brother


"why do they make me do this?"

playing with my baby sis

Mother's Day 2014

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